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1 LSD (For One Enzyme)

This test provides a screening for lysosomal storage disease (1 enzyme). These storage disorders have overlapping features or may present with similar phenotypes in young children. These tests are not diagnostic but may help rule out a storage disorder or narrow down the list of possible diagnosis.


17 OHP along with Cortisol and Androstenedione constitutes the best screening test for Congenital adrenal hyperplasia caused by either 11 or 21 hydroxylase deficiency. It is also useful to evaluate females with hirsutism and infertility.

24 hrs Urinary Calcium

In the presence of elevated calcium, the body attempts to excrete the excess calcium leading to hypercalciuria. Idiopathic hypercalciuria can occur in the absence of hypercalcemia.

24 hrs Urinary Creatinine

Urinary creatinine is useful as part of the creatinine clearance and measures the amount of creatinine in urine.

24 Urinary Phosphorous

Urinary  phosphorus  concentration  is useful  to  assess  calcium  and phosphorus  balance.  Thyroid  and kidneys  are  key  organs  whose  function influences urinary excretion. Many medical  conditions  affect  urinary phosphorus  levels.

24 Urinary Potassium

Urinary  potassium  is  useful  to  evaluate serum  electrolyte  imbalances.  Renal causes  of  imbalance  can  be differentiated  from  non-renal  causes.

24 Urinary Sodium

Sodium  is  critical  in  maintaining  water and osmotic equilibrium in extracellular fluids. Body sodium generally reflects input  and  renal  excretion.

24 Urinary Uric Acid

This  assay  is  useful  for  the  assessment and  management  of  patients  with kidney  stones,  particularly  uric  acid stones.  Urinary  uric  acid  excretion  is elevated in a significant proportion of patients  with uric  acid  stones,  due  to uric  acid  overproduction  as  in  Leukemia and  Polycythemia  and  after  intake  of food  rich  in  nucleoproteins.

24 Hours Urinary Protein

Urinary  total  proteins  are  negligible  in healthy  individuals.  Levels  are  increased in  diseases  that  impair  renal  function like  Diabetes,  Hypertension,  Nephrotic syndrome  and  Drug  nephrotoxicity.

24 Urinary Chloride

This test measures the amount of chloride in urine. The body tries to keep its acid-base (pH) level in balance. But certain conditions can cause an imbalance. If the body tissues become too alkaline, you may get metabolic alkalosis.

25 OH Vitamin D

25-Hydroxy  vitamin  D  represents  the main  body  reservoir  and  transport  form. Mild to moderate deficiency is associated  with Osteoporosis  /  Secondary Hyperparathyroidism  while  severe deficiency causes Rickets in children and  Osteomalacia in adults.  Prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency is approximately >50% specially  in  the  elderly. This assay is  useful for diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency and Hypervitaminosis D. It is  also  used  for  differential diagnosis of causes of Rickets & Osteomalacia  and for monitoring Vitamin D replacement therapy.

A/G ratio

A ratio of two classes of proteins found in the blood, albumin and globulin.