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GR - Diabetes Metabolism Test

A revolutionary test for the diabetic, based on urine and 'self-collectable' dry-blood-spots. Gives a comprehensive, but simple-to-understand report on your diabetic metabolic profile. Identify if your anti diabetic drugs (OHA) are having harmful effects on you - like Lactic Acidosis, Vitamin B12 deficiency etc. Can identify drug induced Liver dysfunction and therefore help “personalize” the medication which does not harm your liver. This include Insulin Sensitivity and Glucose Homeostasis, Prediction of visceral adiposity and hence the insulin resistance at an early stage, Early indication of impending ketoacidosis, Diabetes induced nutritional deficiencies, Monitoring of key metabolic parameters which indicate the status of heart, kidney, liver and neuropathy. The report also consists of recommendations on managing your diabetes well.

OMEGTEST - Trans Fat Test

This test measures the Trans Fat levels in your blood. Trans Fats are a big threat to the heart health since they are industrially produced “artificial fats” found mostly in fried items or in processed foods. Trans fat is considered to be the worst type of fat we can eat. Unlike other dietary fats, trans fat has a double bad impact - On one hand it increases the bad cholesterol (LDL) and at the same time it lowers the good cholesterol (HDL).

GR - Nutritional Analysis Test

Nutritional imbalance is a root cause of wide range of health issues ranging from weight to even psychiatric problems. Metabolism Testing and Monitoring helps track such imbalances. The test is specifically important to people who are: - Going for a weight reduction program (Dieting, Heavy Exercises, Special Supplements, etc.) - Busy with career and do not have a balanced dietary intake topped by a sedentary lifestyle. - Nutritional imbalances despite consumption of vitamins, proteins, minerals and maintaining fitness activities like gyming and exercises.

Autism Test

A comprehensive analysis of Intestinal Dysbiosis coupled with Heavy Metals Analysis and food intolerances give a profile which can be effectively be acted upon.

Hba1c (Dried Blood Spot)

A unique "do-it-yourself" test its based on self-collectible DRY BLOOD SPOT. You may collect the sample in the comfort of your home and send to the laboratory in an envelop provided in the kit.

First Milk (DBS)

Omega-3 DHA is an important nutrient for development of baby at pre-natal stage. Sometimes even the most apparently healthy mothers, who maintain good dietary habits, may be deficient of Omega-3 DHA due to either low intake or Gastrointestinal Malabsorption. In such cases, the baby may be receiving less-than-optimal supply of Omega-3 DHA. The only way to know whether your Omega-3 DHA levels are satisfactory or need to be increased for your baby to receive adequate supply is through a laboratory test.

Full Fatty Acid (Blood)

A full fatty acid profile, including trans fats gives a comprehensive picture of fatty acid metabolism and can be used as a bio marker that reflects a long term dietary intake. FA compositions of human blood have nutritional and health implications. There is a correlation between fatty acid metabolism and the epidemiology of some chronic diseases namely, progression of obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, autoimmune disease and so on.

Baby Screen 100+

World's most comprehensive screening for Inborn errors of Metabolism leading to mental and physical retardation.

Arthritis Panel

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown etiology marked by a symmetric, peripheral polyarthritis. Serum antibodies to Cyclic citrullinated peptides (Anti CCP) are now recognised to be a valuable marker of diagnostic and prognostic significance. ANA's occur both in systemic and organ specific autoimmune diseases showing positivity in Rheumatoid arthritis. There is incremental value in testing for presence of both Rheumatoid factor (RF) and Anti CCP as some patients with RA are positive for RF but negative for Anti CCP and vice versa.

Iron Assessment

The test evaluates the iron level in blood serum. The analytes are Iron, TIBC, Transferrin Saturation.

Thyroid Profile

Thyroid function test is used to measure how well your thyroid gland is working by the way of analyzing Total T3,Total T4,TSH (TFT).

Kidney Profile

Kidney profile test helps identify problems with the functionality of your kidneys. A kidney function test is also done if you have other conditions that can harm the kidneys, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The test helps monitor these conditions.

Bone & Joints Complete

A battery of tests used to evaluate patients with bone and joint complaints. The test includes a panel of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Calcium, Uric acid.

Hormone Profile

Hormonal imbalance reflects in outcomes like anxiety, mood shifts, cardiovascular disease, cardiometabolic syndrome, bone health and hormone detoxification capacity. This panel includes test for LH, FSH, Prolactin, Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, FT3, FT4, TSH

Elements 22 (Nutrients & Toxic)

Arsenic and other heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury are all considered toxic and have adverse health effects in human metabolism. This test analyses 22 elements which lead to toxic built up in the body.