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Urine Sugar (Fasting)

Urine  glucose  is  used  as  a  follow  up test  in  diabetic  patients.  It  is  also  used for  screening  diabetes  in  general population

Urine Sugar (PP)

Urine  glucose  is  used  as  a  follow  up test  in  diabetic  patients.  It  is  also  used for  screening  diabetes  in  general population

Valproic acid

Valproic  Acid  is  used  for  the  treatment of  simple  and  complex  absence  seizures and  in  combination  with  other  anti-convulsants  for  treatment  of  generalized seizures.  This  assay  is  useful  for monitoring  therapy,  assessing compliance  and  evaluating  potential toxicity

Vanyl Mandelic Acid

Elevated values of VMA along with other catecholamine metabolites are suggestive of catecholamine secreting tumor like  Neuroblastoma, Pheochromocytoma and other Neural crest tumors. VMA levels may also be useful in monitoring patients who are also treated. Elevated levels are suggestive of Pheochromocytoma but not diagnostic.


RPR is used as a screening test for Syphilis.  It  is  also  used  for  following the  progression  of  disease  and response  to  therapy

Vitamin B12

Vitamin  B12  is  necessary  for  hematopoiesis  and  normal  neuronal  function. B12 deficiency may be due to lack of intrinsic  factor  secretion  by  gastric mucosa  (gastrectomy,  gastric  atrophy) or  intestinal  malabsorption (ileal resection,  small  intestinal  diseases) leading  to  Macrocytic  anemia.  This assay  is  useful  for  investigating Macrocytic  anemia  and  as  a  workup  of deficiencies seen in Megaloblastic anemia

Vitamin B6

Vitamin  B6  is  a  cofactor  in  many metabolic  pathways  including  heme synthesis.  Vitamin  B6 deficiency may be observed  in  patients  with  metabolic disorders,  secondary  to  therapeutic  drug use, or alcoholism. Deficiency effects the  function  of  the  immune  system.

Vitamin C

Vitamin  C  is  an  antioxidant  involved  in connective  tissue  metabolism,  drug metabolizing  systems  and  mixed  - function oxidase systems. Deficiency causes  Scurvy.  This  assay  is  useful  in the diagnosis of Vitamin C deficiency and   as  an  aid  to  deter  excessive intake.