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Diabetic Profile (Routine Panel)

Blood Sugar- F/PP, Glycosylated Hb

Diabetic Profile (Routine Panel-2)

Blood Sugar-F/PP, Lipid Profile, Creatinine, Glycosylated Hb, Microalbumin

Full Fatty Acid (Blood)

A full fatty acid profile, including trans fats gives a comprehensive picture of fatty acid metabolism and can be used as a bio marker that reflects a long term dietary intake. FA compositions of human blood have nutritional and health implications. There is a correlation between fatty acid metabolism and the epidemiology of some chronic diseases namely, progression of obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, autoimmune disease and so on.

GR - Diabetes Metabolism Test

A revolutionary test for the diabetic, based on urine and 'self-collectable' dry-blood-spots. Gives a comprehensive, but simple-to-understand report on your diabetic metabolic profile. Identify if your anti diabetic drugs (OHA) are having harmful effects on you - like Lactic Acidosis, Vitamin B12 deficiency etc. Can identify drug induced Liver dysfunction and therefore help “personalize” the medication which does not harm your liver. This include Insulin Sensitivity and Glucose Homeostasis, Prediction of visceral adiposity and hence the insulin resistance at an early stage, Early indication of impending ketoacidosis, Diabetes induced nutritional deficiencies, Monitoring of key metabolic parameters which indicate the status of heart, kidney, liver and neuropathy. The report also consists of recommendations on managing your diabetes well.

Hba1c (Dried Blood Spot)

A unique "do-it-yourself" test its based on self-collectible DRY BLOOD SPOT. You may collect the sample in the comfort of your home and send to the laboratory in an envelop provided in the kit.

Hba1c (Whole Blood)

This assay is useful for diagnosing Diabetes and evaluating long term control of blood glucose concentrations in diabetic patients. It reflects the mean glucose concentration over the previous period of 8 to 12 weeks and is a better indicator of long term glycemic control as compared with blood and urine glucose measurements.

OMEGTEST - Trans Fat Test

This test measures the Trans Fat levels in your blood. Trans Fats are a big threat to the heart health since they are industrially produced “artificial fats” found mostly in fried items or in processed foods. Trans fat is considered to be the worst type of fat we can eat. Unlike other dietary fats, trans fat has a double bad impact - On one hand it increases the bad cholesterol (LDL) and at the same time it lowers the good cholesterol (HDL).